new synonymy:
Corydoras aurofrenatus Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903
is a senior synonym of
Corydoras ellisae Gosline, 1940

published in:
Tencatt, L.F.C., S.A. Santos & M.R. Britto (2020):
Taxonomic review of the typical long-snouted species of Corydoras (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) from the río de La Plata basin.
Neotropical Ichthyology 18 (4): e200088. 36 p.

abstract (from publication):
The typical long-snouted species of Corydoras from the río de La Plata basin were reviewed herein, and the previously proposed synonymy of Corydoras ellisae was corroborated. Corydoras areio and C. aurofrenatus are diagnosed from their congeners, excluding those in lineage 1, by the following features: temporal sensory canal in sphenotic with two pores; upper tooth plate of branchial arch with three or four series of teeth; fleshy flap at mouth corner. Corydoras areio differs from all lineage 1 congeners by having infraorbital 2 with relatively wider posterior laminar expansion; absence of large patches of black pigmentation on the body and absence of conspicuous concentration of dark brown or black chromatophores on anterior portion of the dorsal fin; and presence of blotches on flanks not aligned in longitudinal series. Corydoras aurofrenatus differs from all lineage 1 congeners by having ventral surface of head and trunk densely covered by small, not coalescent platelets; middle portion of flank with two or three dark brown or black patches (below the dorsal-fin, below the adipose-fin base, and on the caudal peduncle base, diffuse and variably present), patches decreasing in size posteriorly; poorly developed fleshy flap at the corner of mouth; anteroventral portion of cleithrum exposed.