new species:
Astyanax tupi Azpelicueta, Mirande, Almirón & Casciotta, 2003

type locality:
Argentina, Province of Misiones, Arroyo Cuñapirú in Balneario de Aristóbulo del Valle; Holotype MACN-Ict 8646 (70.1 mm SL)

distribution in Argentina:
type locality, Province of Misiones, Arroyo Cuñapirú Chico; Paratypes AI 128

published in:
Azpelicueta, M., J.M. Mirande, A.E. Almirón & J.R. Casciotta (2003):
A new species of Astyanax (Characiformes‚ Characidae) from Paraná river basin in Argentina.
Revista del Museo de La Plata – Zoología 15 (166): 1-12

abstract (from publication):
Astyanax tupi n.sp. is described from the streams Cuñapirú Chico and Cuñapirú, drainíng in Paraná river in the province of Misiones, Argentinea northeast. A combination of characters differentiates the new species from other congeneres: long pectoral fin always surpassing the pelvic-fin origin; origin of anal fin at level of a vertical through fifth or sixth branched dorsal-fin rays; one supraopercular and two humeral spots on flanks; 2-3 maxillary teeth; (10.2-11.9% SL); maxillary length (100.0-136.6% interorbital width); 35-38 perforated scales in lateral line; 24-27 branched anal fin rays, and deep body (36.9-42.6% SL).

distribution (from publication):
The new species is known from two different streams of the Paraná basin, the arroyos Cuñapirú Chico and Cuñapirú, in the province of Misiones, Argentina.