new species:
Austrolebias queguay Serra & Loureiro, 2018

published in:
Serra, W.S. & M. Loureiro (2018):
Austrolebias queguay (Cyprinodontiformes, Rivulidae), a new species of annual killifish endemic to the lower Uruguay river basin.
Zoosystematics and Evolution 94 (2): 547-556

abstract (from publication):
In this article we describe a new species of the annual fish genus Austrolebias from the lower Uruguay river basin. The fusion of the urogenital papilla to the first anal fin ray in males and the pigmentation pattern, indicates a close relationship with the clade formed by A. bellottii, A. melanoorus, and A. univentripinnis. The new species can be differentiat¬ed from those by the following combination of characters: presence of well-defined light bands contrasting with the sides of the body, the distal portion of the anal fin dark gray, pelvic fins dark bluish green and bases united at about 50–80% on their medial margins, pectoral fins with iridescent blue sub-marginal band, and general coloration of body blu¬ish green. The new species can only be found in wetlands of the Queguay river, an area included in the Uruguayan protected areas system and represents so far the only annual fish species endemic to the lower Uruguay river basin.