first record from Argentina:
Crenicichla mandelburgeri Kullander, 2009

type locality:
Paraguay, Itapúa, Arroyo Tembey above falls

distribution in Argentina (from publication):
as Crenicichla cf. mandelburgeri:
– Misiones, arroyo Guaruhape en ruta 220, río Paraná basin
– Misiones, arroyo Cuñapirú, in route 223 near Ruiz de Montoya, río Paraná basin
– Misiones, arroyo Cuñapirú (arroyo Tucangua), río Paraná basin
– Misiones, arroyo Chapa, ruta 6, río Paraná basin

published in:
Piálek, L., O. Říčan, J. Casciotta & A. Almirón (2010):
Crenicichla hu, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the Paraná basin in Misiones, Argentina.
Zootaxa 2537: 33-46

remarks (from publication):
We also confirm the presence of Crenicichla mandelburgeri in Misiones. Our material was compared with material from the type localities of C. mandelburgeri (both morphology and the ND2 gene sequences; not shown). This taxon, however, demonstrates geographical variation as well as phylogeographic structure (Fig. 1), and we thus cannot rule out the presence of a species complex; the specimens from Piray-Guazu (haplotypes C15, C17) that infringe on the monophyly of this species are therefore referred to as C. cf. mandelburgeri.