new species:
Epactionotus yasi Almirón, Azpelicueta & Casciotta, 2004

type locality:
province of Misiones, río Iguazú basin, arroyo Lobo (25°42’57”S, 54°05’59”W); holotype: MACN-Ict 8649, 32.0 mm

published in:
Almirón, A.E., M. Azpelicueta & J.R. Casciotta (2004):
A new species of Epactionotus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae: Otothyrini) from the río Iguazú basin, Argentina.
Zoologische Abhandlungen des Staatlichen Museums für Tierkunde, Dresden 54: 137-144

abstract (from publication):
Epactionotus yasi sp.n., is described from arroyo Lobo, río Iguazú basin in Argentina. Epactionotus yasi sp.n., is distinguished by the following combination characters: cleithral width (67.8-76.1 % of HL); absence of predorsal unpaired plates; vent completely covered by small platelets; two narrow light stripes from snout tip to the eyes, posteriorly reaching level of supraoccipital tip; one wide, light, lateral stripe from posterior margin of head to caudal peduncle and caudal fin with two light rounded dots placed on dorsal and ventral principal unbranched and four to six next branched rays.

distribution (from publication):
This species is only known from the arroyo Lobo, a tributary of the río Iguazú. The arroyo Lobo is a small stream about 1.5 m wide and 0.70 m deep, with current and turbid water; its temperature was 24°C in February. The specimens were captured below terrestrial marginal vegetation.