new synonymy:
Markiana nigripinnis (Perugia, 1891)
is a senior synonym of
Tetragonopterus anomalus Steindachner, 1891

published in:
Carvalho, F.R. & A.C. Santos (2015):
Taxonomic status of Tetragonopterus anomalus Steindachner, 1891, an inquirenda species in Characidae (Teleostei: Characiformes).
Zootaxa 4018 (1): 146-150

abstract (from publication):
Tetragonopterus anomalus Steindachner was briefly described in July of 1891 (Steindachner, 1891) solely based on the holotype… A few months before, in April of the same year, Perugia (1891:643) described Tetragonopterus nigripinnis, from de la Plata River… Herein, we examined the holotype of T. anomalus and one specimen of Markiana nigripinnis from Beni River, Bolivia… Morphometric and meristic data, including the color pattern, unequivocally confirm that T. anomalus is a junior synonym of M. nigripinnis.

Despite it’s type locality in Argentina Tetragonopterus anomalus was not included in CLOFFAR.