first record from Paraguay:
Moenkhausia bonita Benine, Castro & Sabino, 2004

published in:
Dickens, J.K. (2019):
Annotated checklist to the fish of Laguna Blanca, San Pedro, Paraguay.
Aqua – International Journal of Ichthyology 25 (4): 155-178

abstract (from publication):
Despite the high fish diversity of the Paraguay basin, there is still large uncertainty about the presence and distribution of species in the country of Paraguay. Here, I present an annotated checklist to the fish of Paraguay’s only true lake, Laguna Blanca, in San Pedro department, based on samples collected opportunistically between 2012 and 2017. A total of 32 species from 16 families and 6 orders were found, although the actual total is estimated at between 36 and 58 species. This included an unnamed species of Hemigrammus and the first country record of Moenkhausia bonita. Live colouration is also described for Hemigrammus mahnerti. One species was endemic to Paraguay, four to the Paraguay river basin, eight to the Paraná-Paraguay and 15 to the Rio De La Plata, whilst two were potamodromous. Species composition is typical of Neotropical lentic systems but with a distinct scarcity of benthivores, likely associated with the oligotrophic conditions of the lake. The threats to this unique ecosystem, through uncontrolled development, illegal deforestation, pollution and overfishing are imminent and recommendations for its protection are given.