first record from Argentina:
Oligosarcus pintoi Campos, 1945

published in:
Almirón, A., S. Bogan, Y.P. Cardoso, L. Ciotek, P. Giorgis & J. Casciotta (2019):
Primer registro de Oligosarcus pintoi Campos, 1945 (Characiformes, Characidae) en aguas continentales de Argentina.
Historia Natural 9 (2): 41-50

abstract (from publication):
Currently the known ichthyological biodiversity of the Iguazú National Park is composed by 104 species, two of which correspond to species of “dientudos” of the genus Oligosarcus: O. longirostris and O. menezesi. In this contribution, it is reported within the Park a third species of that genus: Oligosarcus pintoi. This new finding is relevant because it constitutes the first record of the species both in Argentina and in the middle Paraná River basin [Misiones].