Paleoichthys provides the possibility to publish comments and results related to any aspect of fossil fishes.  Independent from the rather limited scope of the hosting page, for this journal there is no limitation in geography or time frame.

tamfish - Europakrise

Paleoichthys  is published irregularly at and is open to any contribution that might not be published in scientific magazines due to its assumed minor importance. Many valuable data as new geographical records, faunal lists, additional data to earlier contributions, supplements to current contributions, comments on other publications etc. which are difficult to publish in journals related to scientific institutions, still might be interesting to other paleoichthyologists.

Contributions usually are subject to a peer review process and contributors are encouraged to name two possible reviewers. Contributions are in English. Abstracts in other languages may be included. Format is pdf-file. Publications for permanent records in the sense of the ICZN and statements published herein which might have any influence in the systematical or nomenclatorial status of taxa must follow all aspects of the current version of the ICZN.
Contributions shall be submitted to

Paleoichthys is being archived for permanent record by the German National Library.