first record from Argentina:
Scleronema macanuda Ferrer & Malabarba, 2020

published in:
Terán, G.E., S. Bogan, S. Koerber & J. Ferrer (2020):
First record for two catfishes from Argentina: Ituglanis australis Datovo & de Pinna, 2014 and Scleronema macanuda Ferrer & Malabarba, 2020 (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae).
Historia Natural 10 (3): 39-47

abstract (from publication):
Ituglanis australis and Scleronema macanuda are trichomycterid catfishes that inhabit freshwater basins from Pampa grasslands of southern Brazil and Uruguay. The aim of the present contribution is to report for the first time the presence of both species in Argentina. These new records are related to small streams of the Uruguay River basin in Entre Ríos province. Both were identified based on ichthyological collections that were made before they were formally described. With these reports the number of Argentinian trichomycterids is increasing to 42.