first records from Argentina:
Ancistrus taunayi Miranda Ribeiro, 1918

type locality:
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Itaqui, Rio Lageado; Lectotype: MZUSP 975

distribution in Argentina:
– Province of Misiones, Río Uruguay basin, Arroyo Santa Maria on road to Itacaruaré
– Province of Entre Rios, Río Paraná basin, Arroyo Clé at bridge of RP11, some 16 km NW Gualeguay

Sonia Fisch-Muller from MHNG, who has done the CLOFFSCA-chapter on Ancistrinae and there (p. 378) cited this species for Argentina, informed me in a personal communication that this record is based on a single specimen from the above mentioned locality in Misiones.
The record from the Entre Rios locality is based on 2 specimens in ZFMK 39613-614 determined as Ancistrus taunayi by Roberto Reis from PUCRS.