new species:
Bryconamericus pyahu Azpelicueta, Casciotta & Almirón 2003

type locality:
Argentina, Province of Misiones, Río Iguazú basin, arroyo Tateto (25°47’12,8”S 53°58’12,9”W); Holotype AI 101 (50,6 mm SL)

published in:
Azpelicueta, M., J.R. Casciotta & A.E. Almirón (2003):
Bryconamericus pyahu (Characiformes, Characidae), a new species from the río Iguazú basin, in Argentina.

Revue Suisse de Zoologie 110 (3): 581-589

abstract (from publication):
A new species of the genus Bryconamericus is described from the río Iguazú basin in Misiones, Argentina. Bryconamericus pyahu sp.n. is distinguished from all other species by the following combination of characters: low body depth (28.0-35.5 in % of SL); premaxillary teeth of the inner series with 3 to 5 cusps; aligned 3 premaxillary teeth of the outer row tricuspidate, and 3-5 maxillary teeth with 1 to 3 cusps. Also, the new species has 18-20 branched anal-fin rays, large black subcircular humeral spot, wide black lateral band, and 37-39 perforated scales on the lateral line. The new species was collected in the arroyo Tateto, headwaters of the río San Antonio, Iguazú basin.