not a species from Argentina:
Creagrutus beni Eigenmann, 1911

As this species has never been found again after Pozzi’s first record from Argentina, López et al. (2003) considered it probable that it is not found in Argentina. Vari and Harold confirmed this assumption in their recent paper. Thus, Creagrutus beni should not be included in lists of fishes from Argentina until re-confirmed by new collections.

published in:
Vari, R.P. & A.S. Harold (2001):
Phylogenetic Study of the Neotropical Fish Genera Creagrutus Günther and Piabina Reinhardt (Teleostei: Ostariophysi: Characiformes), with a Revision of the Cis-Andean Species.
Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 613: 1-239

distribution (from publication):
Creagrutus beni is endemic to the upper portions of the Rio Madeira system in northeastern Bolivia.

remarks (extracted and modified from publication):
p. 1: Neither Creagrutus nor Piabina are known from the Pacific versant rivers of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. East of the Andean Cordilleras both genera are apparently absent from Argentina, most of the shorter Atlantic coastal drainages of eastern and southeastern Brazil, and the southern portions of the Rio de La Plata basin, including the Rio Uruguay and lower sections of the Rio Paraguay and Rio Parana.
p. 46: Creagrutus beni was cited from northwestern Argentina by Pozzi (1945) and later by Ringuelet and Aramburu (1961) and Ringuelet et al. (1967). Pozzi’s reported localities in the provinces of Jujuy and Salta lie some 700 km from the nearest known site for C. beni, and they are within the Rio de La Plata system rather than the upper Rio Madeira basin of the Amazon drainage to which C. beni is endemic. The occurrence of C. beni in the Rio de La Plata basin cannot be confirmed by available specimens, nor were subsequent citations of the species by later authors based on additional specimens. Indeed, we have been unable to locate any Creagrutus specimens that originated in northwestern Argentina, and recent collecting efforts in that region failed to reveal the presence of the genus (L. Fernandez, pers. comm., 1999). For these reasons, the record of C. beni in northwestern Argentina is considered suspect.
p. 78: The report of Creagrutus beni from the provinces of Jujuy and Salta in Argentina by Pozzi (1945) was later reiterated by Ringuelet and Aramburu (1961) and Ringuelet et al. (1967), evidently without the examination of additional specimens. These reports represent either a major range extension for the genus, perhaps being of one of the species of the two other species of the genus endemic to the Rio de La Plata basin [Creagrutus meridionalis and C. paraguayensis], or a misidentification at the generic level. Our examinations of specimens indicate that the Argentinean provinces of Jujuy and Salta lie outside the known range of Creagrutus.