new species:
Cyanocharax obi Casciotta, Almiron, Pialek & Rícan, 2012

published in:
Casciotta, J., A. Almiron, L. Pialek & O. Rícan (2012):
Cyanocharax obi, a new species (Characiformes: Characidae) and the first record of the genus from tributaries of the río Paraná basin, Argentina.
Zootaxa 3391: 39–51

abstract (from publication):
Cyanocharax obi is described from tributaries of the arroyo Paranay-Guazú, río Paraná basin, Misiones province, Argentina. This new species can be distinguished from its congeneres by the following combination of characters: lateral line interrupted or with alternated series of perforated and non perforated scales, 22–24 branched anal-fin rays, body depth at dorsal-fin origin (34.5–40.8% SL), and distal border of anal fin in matures males nearly straight. Validity of the new species is also well supported by a molecular phylogenetic analysis (COI, 12S, 16S). Cyanocharax obi represents the first record of the genus in the río Paraná basin.