new species:
Heptapterus qenqo Aguilera, Mirande & Azpelicueta, 2011

type locality:
Province of Tucumán, Trancas, río Rearte, endorheic río Salí basin, 26°22’52,1” S, 65°31’ 36,8” W
(Holotype: CI-FML 3954, 183,5 mm SL)

published in:
Aguilera, G., J.M. Mirande & M. Azpelicueta (2011):
A new species of Heptapterus Bleeker 1858 (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) from the Río Salí basin, north-western Argentina.
Journal of Fish Biology 78 (1): 240-250

abstract (from publication):
A revision of fish specimens previously identified as Heptapterus mustelinus from the endorheic Río Salí Basin, Tucumán, Argentina, reveals that they present several morphological differences from that species. This paper describes Heptapterus qenqo sp. nov. from the Río Salí Basin. The new species is diagnosed by a combination of the following characters: presence of small serrae on the anterior proximal margin of the first pectoral-fin ray; anal-fin rays iv-v, 11–13 (15–17 total anal-fin rays); adipose-fin base 40•9–47•4% standard length; small eyes (7•4–14•2% head length); adipose-fin confluent to caudal fin and maxillary barbel not reaching pectoral-fin base in adults, and reaching or scarcely surpassing the first pectoral-fin ray in small juveniles.

distribution & habitat (from publication):
Heptapterus qenqo is widely distributed in mountain to piedmont streams of the endorheic río Salí basin, Tucumán, Argentina, being endemic of this basin.