new species:
Hisonotus hungy Azpelicueta, Almirón, Casciotta & Koerber, 2007

type locality:
Province of Misiones, río Paraná basin, arroyo Tirica affluent of arroyo Urugua-í (26°01’S – 55°22’W). Holotype: MACN-ict 8860, Paratypes: AI 189, ZFMK 39472-75, MHNG 2664.79, ZSM 33313

published in:
Azpelicueta, M., A.E. Almirón , J.R. Casciotta & S. Koerber (2004):
Hisonotus hungy sp. n. (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) a new species from arroyo Tirica, Misiones, Argentina.
Revue suisse de Zoologie 114 (3): 591-598

abstract (from publication):
Hisonotus hungy sp. n. is described from the arroyo Tirica, río Paraná basin in Misiones province, Argentina. Hisonotus hungy sp. n. is diagnosed by the following combination of characters: 20-22 lateral plates, 5 branched anal-fin rays, absence of pad on snout tip, blunt and deep snout, snout 45.5-50.9 (% in HL), eye 13.4-17.1 (% in HL), predorsal unpaired plates absent; vent completely covered by two rows of large lateral platelets and one median series with irregular plates.

distribution & habitat (from publication):
This species is only known from the arroyo Tirica, a tributary of the arroyo Urugua-í. The arroyo Tirica, at bridge of provincial road 237- km 29, is a stream with two different environments; one of them had the natural vegetation of the region, whereas in the other one coniferous trees were introduced. Hisonotus hungy was collected in the portion of the stream where a plantation of small coniferous let the brook to be exposed completely to sunlight. Photographs of live specimens, the environment, and a map with the geographical distribution are provided by Koerber (in prep.) and Evers & Seidel (2005, sub H. cf. ringueleti). The following species were caught together with H. hungy from the arroyo Tirica: Astyanax eigenmanniorum, A. cf. fasciatus, A. cf. troya, Australoheros tembe, Bryconamericus iheringii, Characidium sp., Corydoras carlae, Gymnogeophagus che, Heptapterus mustelinus, Oligosarcus jenynsii, O. paranensis, and Schizodon nasutus.