first record from Argentina:
Hypostomus aspilogaster (Cope, 1894)

published in:
Cardoso, Y.P., F. Brancolini, L. Protogino & M. Lizarralde (2011):
Actinopterygii, Siluriformes, Loricariidae, Hypostomus aspilogaster (Cope, 1894). Distribution extension and first record for Argentina.
Check List 7 (5): 596-598

distribution in Argentina (from publication):
The specimens examined in this work were collected in the stream Mandisoví Grande, tributary of Uruguay River, Entre Ríos province and Punta Lara, Río de la Plata basin, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

abstract (from publication):
The present work extends to Argentina the distribution of Hypostomus aspilogaster originally described from Uruguay River in southern Brazil. The examined specimens were sampled in the stream Mandisoví Grande, affluent of Uruguay River in Entre Ríos province, and in Punta Lara, from Río de la Plata basin, in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. This represents the first country record for this species.