new species:
Jenynsia luxata Aguilera, Mirande, Calviño & Lobo, 2013

published in:
Aguilera, G., J.M. Mirande, P.A. Calviño & L.F. Lobo (2013):
Jenynsia luxata, a new species from Northwestern Argentina, with additional observations of J. maculata Regan and phylogeny of the genus (Cyprinodontiformes: Anablepidae).
Neotropical Ichthyology 11 (3): 565-572

abstract (from publication):
Jenynsia luxata, a new species from northwestern Argentina, is described. This species is diagnosable from all other Jenynsia by the medial processes of left and right pelvic bones relatively reduced and separated from each other. The new species resembles J. multidentata, but it is further distinguished from this species by the absence of a swelling between the urogenital opening and the anterior base of the anal fin in females and details of coloration. Phylogenetic analyses, both under implied and equal weighting, recover the subgenera Plesiojenynsia and Jenynsia as monophyletic units. New information on previously missing characters of Jenynsia maculata is added. These data and phylogenetic characters coded for the new species herein described contribute to a better resolution of the phylogenetic relationships within the subgenus Jenynsia, which is herein supported by additional synapomorphies relative to previous phylogenies.

distribution (from publication):
The new species is currently known to inhabit the endorheic río Tajamar or río Cajón basin near to Ruta Provincial 304, at Burruyacu, northeastern Tucumán, and also in small flooded pools not connected but near to río Urueña basin, in northwestern Santiago del Estero. Despite several collecting expeditions to the area and extensive sampling by the authors, no additional specimens were found.