first record from Argentina:
Mimagoniates barberi Regan, 1907

published in:
Mantinian, J.E. & A.M. Miquelarena (2010):
Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae, Glandulocaudinae, Mimagoniates barberi Regan, 1907: First Argentinean distribution record.
Check List 6 (3): 416-418

type locality:
Paraguay, Estación Caballero, Arroyo Yâcá (25°39’S-56°53’W)

distribution in Argentina:
Province of Misiones, Río Paraná basin, arroyo Negro (27°30’36”S-55°51’38”W) and arroyo Piedras (27°33’40”S-55°50’53”W).

abstract (from publication):
The current note reports the presence of Mimagoniates barberi at northeastern Argentina. This record represents the southernmost limit for this species and the first country record of the genus.