not a species from Argentina:
Parodon suborbitalis Valenciennes, 1850

Pavanelli indicates that all records of Parodon suborbitalis from Argentina represent specimens of Parodon nasus, a senior synonym of P. tortuosus.
Parodon suborbitalis is restricted to the basins of Orinoco river and lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

published in:
Pavanelli, C.S. (1999):
Revisao taxonómica da familia Parodontidae (Ostariophysi: Characiformes).
Universidad Federal de Sao Carlos, PhD thesis, 332 p.

abstract (from thesis):
Parodontid species were investigated regarding their taxonomy, with the aim to recognize the valid species and to describe the new ones. Specimens from different Neotropical hydrographic basins were examined, as well as the literature concerning the species of the family. Measurements and counts totaling 55 characters were taken from each specimen. In this analysis, 27 species were recognized, distributed in three genera: Apareiodon, with 13 species, five of them are new to the science [A. affinis (Steindachner), A. davisi Fowler, A. gransabana Starnes & Schindler, A. hasemani Eigenmann, A. ibitiensis Campos, A. itapicuruensis Eigenmann & Henn, A. machrisi Travassos and A. piracicabae (Eigenmann)]; Parodon, including 11 species, being one of them a new one [P. apolinari Myers, P. bifasciatus Eigenmann, P. buckleyi Boulenger, P. caliensis Boulenger, P. carrikeri Fowler, P. guyanensis Géry, P. hilarii Reinhardt, P. nasus Kner, P. pongoensis (Allen) and P. suborbitalis Valenciennes]; and Saccodon, with three valid species [S. dariensis (Meek & Hildebrand), S. terminalis (Eigenmann & Henn) and S. wagneri Kner]. Keys were elaborated for the identification of the genera and species. Descriptions and diagnosis are presented, as well as information regarding the geographical distribution of the species and concerning their biological attributes, with prominence to the presence of breeding tubercles, together with discussion referring to the published articles that include parodontids.