new combination:
Pinirampus argentina (MacDonagh, 1938) from Megalonema

published in:
Grant, S. (2019):
Pinirampus argentina (MacDonagh, 1938), the black finned pim.
Journal of the Catfish Study Group 20 (1): 14-19

extract (from publication):
… The generic placement and spelling of the specific name has varied over the years and from when it was originally described as Perugia argentina MacDonagh, 1938. Over the years it has been known as Luciopimelodus argentinus, Pinirampus argentinus, Megalonema argentina and Megalonema argentinum.
… All these characters would denote P. argentina being a Pinirampus.
… As Argentina is a simple noun article 31.2.1 means that its ending does not need to be changed to meet the gender of the genus. Therefore the correct formulation of the name should be Pinirampus argentina (MacDonagh, 1938).