first record from Uruguay:
Hemiancistrus punctulatus Cardozo & Malabarba, 1999

published in:
Serra, W.S., F. Scarabino, S. Wlodek, G. Furtado & A. Balao (2020):
First record of ‘Hemiancistruspunctulatus Cardozo & Malabarba, 1999 for Uruguay (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).
Boletín de la Sociedad Zoológica del Uruguay 29 (1): 28-34

abstract (from publication):
Analyses of collections and recently captured specimens in an expedition to lower Yaguarón river basin in northeastern Uruguay, revealed the presence of the loricariid catfish ‘Hemiancistruspunctulatus Cardozo & Malabarba, 1999, which represents the first record of this species for the country. We propose it as an endangered species for Uruguay considering its restricted distribution. Differences with ‘Hemiancistrusmegalopteryx are discussed.