first record from Uruguay:
Psalidodon erythropterus (Holmberg, 1891)

published in:
Serra, W.S., F. Scarabino, G. Furtado, G. Sanguinetti & M. Caligari (2021):
Fighting faunistic chaos: confirmations and new records for Uruguayan Characidae (Ostariophysi: Characiformes).
Ichthyological Contributions of PecesCriollos 77: 1-9

abstract (from publication):
The faunistic record must ideally rely on physical evidence, notably concerning species that are difficult to identify due to taxonomic characters not observable by simple visual inspection. Based on material deposited in the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Montevideo, we here confirm the presence of Aphyocharax rathbuni, Oligosarcus robustus, Psalidodon erythropterus, and Pseudocorynopoma stanleyi in Uruguay. These species were until now informally recorded for this country in social media, aquarium hobbyist’s websites, technical reports, online repositories, etc. We briefly discuss about “species recording” as scientific work and the usual fails detected in the previous mentions of the treated species: absence or poorly documented voucher, the improper use of photographs and/or no mention of bibliographical sources of information.