new synonymy:
Paulicea gigantea Goeldi, 1900
is an overlooked jr. synonym of
Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898)

published in:
Koerber, S. (2019):
Paulicea gigantea Goeldi, 1900 – an overlooked, available junior synonym of Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898).
Historia Natural 9 (1): 121-124

extract from publication:
…Goeldi ascribed the nomen Paulicea gigantea erroneously to the authorship of Ihering and in consequence, possibly due to a lapsus calami, published inadvertently a new nomen (not a nomen novum in the sense of the glossary of the Code!). Goeldi’s Paulicea gigantea was not supported by a description or any other definition of the species, but by a ‘bibliographic reference to a previously published description’ which is an indication in the sense of Article 12.2.1. (ICZN, 1999). Thus, Paulicea gigantea Goeldi, 1900 is a name available for the zoological nomenclature and a so far overlooked jr. synonym of Paulicea jahu Ihering, 1898.